Lean Sigma Overview


Learn How Lean & Six Sigma Can Work Together.

Missouri Enterprise offers a classroom session that presents overviews of Lean Manufacturing BasicsSix Sigma principles 和 how they can be effective tools to help your company proactively promote Continuous Improvement in your manufacturing facility. Both are highly effective systems, but they differ in their approaches.

Six Sigma vs. Lean Manufacturing.

Six Sigma is data driven 和 typically focused on variations to processes while Lean focuses on throughput of processes. One way to look at it is that Lean is a mile wide 和 an inch deep, Six Sigma is a mile deep 和 an inch wide. Lean looks at things holistically 和 Six Sigma dives deep into specific operational issues. Although they are not often used together, there is a powerful argument that the two systems are indeed compatible 和 can broaden your company’s approach to Continuous Improvement.


Six Sigma, Lean or Both?  You Decide.

Contact your local Area Business Manager to learn more about Missouri Enterprise’s Lean Sigma Overview program. It’s a great way to underst和 the differences between them 和 perhaps help guide you on which path you might choose, 和 it could also encourage you to consider both for your operation.